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Crypto Terminology


Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt


Any accepted standard medium of value that facilitates the exchange of goods and services in an economy.

Fiat Currency

Fiat currency is debt that is not backed by anything of value other than trust and reputation.


A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that exists and is exchanged on an encrypted network of computers.


The first and largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.


A blockchain is a public ledger that facilitates the transfer, recording, and storage of digital assets in a secure encrypted database that is distributed across many computers on the internet.


"Mining" is how additional Bitcoin is added to the blockchain.


A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a digital fiat currency that is centralized and minutely controlled by the issuer.


Hold On for Dear Life!

Crypto Wallet

Wallets are used to store crypto off of third party "accounts", allowing you to HODL, or bank, your own money.


Sats, or Satoshis, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin.

Lightning Network

A transaction network that runs on top of, or alongside, the Bitcoin blockchain.


An Exchange is simply an institution that allows you to buy and sell crypto.

Halving Cycle

The "Halving Cycle" is an algorithm built into the Bitcoin blockchain that periodically halves the yield of BTC by miners.


Decentralized Finance is the new economic paradigm that will shortly overtake the legacy centralized transaction model of the past.

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